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The Font-As-Service

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Johno just published my debut post on I love Typography: The Font-As-Service.

In the article, I talk about the web’s upcoming font delivery services like Typekit and Fontdeck and what they mean for the way in which we web designers will be buying and using type. I’ve tried to take a slightly different approach to the other sites writing about these technologies, in that I’m looking at the paradigm shift from the font-as-finite product to the font-as-service rather than focusing too much on the technical specifics.

I’d like to thank Johno for asking me write an article. iLT is one of my all-time favourite sites and a constant source of inspiration. I think he’s contributed massively to the popularity of typography among web designers over the past few years and it’s an honour to be on board.

Comments are open below and over on iLT.