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Hello, I’m Elliot — a designer, author, and typography enthusiast. You might know my work with Google Fonts & Adobe Fonts, or the magazines 8 FacesLagom.

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My new book

Universal Principles of Typography, published by Quarto in 2024 and with a foreword by Ellen Lupton, is now available to buy from anywhere that sells books.

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I’m once again teaching my 3-week Typography Masterclass for SmashingConf in May. Come and learn typography with me!

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My podcast

Hello, Type Friends! is a podcast, on which I sit down with a friend for an informal chat about life, work, and, well... whatever comes up. No script. No plans. And no Bézier curves.


An overview of my work & projects

  1. 2023–present Independent designer & typographic consultant (hire me!)
  2. 2020–2023 Co-creator & Editor-in-chief, Google Fonts Knowledge
  3. 2019–2020 Creative Director, Maido
  4. 2018–2019 Creative Director, ClearScore
  5. 2016–2019 Creative Director, Colonna Coffee
  6. 2014–2019 Co-founder & Creative Director, Lagom magazine
  7. 2013–2016 Creative Director, Adobe Fonts
  8. 2010–2014 Co-founder, Viewport Industries
  9. 2011–2012 Founder & Editor, 8 Faces magazine
  10. 2008–2013 Independent designer
  11. 2007–2008 Senior Designer, Carsonified
  12. 2006–2007 Web Designer, Sanctuary Records
  13. 2004–2006 Web Designer, EMI Music

On the blog

Fine Specimens — a new Kickstarter project

Last week, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new book called Fine Specimens. This probably seems oddly timed, because the ink’s barely dry on Universal Principles of Typography, but these are very different titles.

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My next speaking gig


31st May 2024
London, UK 🇬🇧

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