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Vote for my SXSW ‘09 panels

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It’s that time of year again, when we of the design-centric blogosphere pimp our panel submissions for SXSW. This year, I’m asking if you wouldn’t mind taking a brief moment to vote for two:

“Thinking Outside The Box? There Is No Box!”

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I’m proposing a dual presentation with my pal Bryan Veloso, the man you know and love behind Avalonstar and Revyver, one of the splendid chaps from Sidebar Creative, and the web design world’s undisputed king of Dance Dance Revolution. Bryan and I thought that a talk addressing creative thinking, innovation, and inspiration would be rather interesting. Here’s the description from the Panel Picker:

“Industry-respected designers Elliot Jay Stocks and Bryan Veloso are known for their influential creations that ‘think outside the box’. In this dual presentation, they’ll be looking at how we can innovate within the confines of the medium, and how we can draw inspiration from other media to create bold, brave, original websites.”

Like the sound of it? Help us out by giving us a nice high rating! You’ll need to sign in first, but the sign-up process is so quick, and we’d really appreciate it!

“Quit Bitchin’ and Get Your Glyph On…”

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This idea was actually submitted by that bad ass typophile Samantha Warren, one of the talented designers at Viget. She wants to curate a discussion on web typography and has invited me along for the ride, along with my chums Jon Tangerine, John Boardley, and Ian Coyle. In the words of that dashing young man Dan Rubin – who was the first to comment on the panel – “Can’t wait, this is a great line up, and a subject that clearly requires constant discussion (even at TypeCon, this was being treated almost like a new issue, when some of us have been figuring out creative ways to work within the technical constraints for 10 years or more).” If you’d like the official blurb from the Panel Picker, here you go:

“Designers are still complaining about the limitations of Web typography. Is their case valid, and will it be in the future? What myths are there about web typography and how do we dispel them? This panel will discuss overcoming constraints on web to create elegant, legible, and expressive typography.”

Again, we’d really appreciate your vote, so head on over to the Panel Picker and give us lots of shiny yellow stars, pur-leeeeeze!

Incidentally, a number of my friends have some great-sounding panel suggestions too. Dan Mall, Shaun Inman, and Ethan Marcotte are proposing a talk on Web Triage: Methodical Madness, Paul Annett (who I’m speaking with next week in Brighton) is saying Oooh, That’s Clever!, Jason Beaird is pondering Design Disrepair, and Larissa Meek’s talk has the rather intriguing title of Storyboards, Wireframes and Prototypes: OH MY! Is that everybody? Good good.