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Hello, dear reader! Just a heads up that this article is deprecated and (probably) not worthy of your time. You are, of course, very welcome to read it — but I personally consider it to be outdated / irrelevant / embarrassing, and have removed it from my blog archive listings. Really, it’s only still here to stop old links from breaking. You have been warned!

Forthcoming speaking events

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UPDATE: I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at Spletne Urice in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 29th October. The itinerary below has been updated.

SkillSwap Brighton

I spoke at the Bristol wing of SkillSwap last year and had a great time. This time around, I’ll be sharing the stage with my mate Paul Annett (Senior Designer at ClearLeft), who has a great-sounding discussion lined up. I’ll be talking about how to find inspiration amidst evil looming deadlines and why we should all care about creating great design. Here’s the description of the talk I provided for the SkillSwap site:

Crushed into submission by the weight of impending deadlines, battered and bruised by insane client demands, and reduced to a quivering mess by technical problems, how does the web designer inject care, passion, and polish into a project? When and how is it possible to add that extra layer of TLC when all you want to do is get it finished? Complementing Paul Annett’s talk on web design niceties, Elliot Jay Stocks looks at the motivation behind great design, and attempts to inspire by removing the client from the picture and focus on the importance of design evolution.

SkillSwap is a very informal affair and is more about audience participation than me just waffling on about nonsense on stage, so come along for a fun night out.

Spletne Urice

I absolutely love Slovenia, having stayed in both Bled (north) and Piran (south) a couple of years ago when Sam and I travelled around Europe by train, so I’m really excited about going back!

I’ve been invited by the kind organisers of Spletne Urice to speak at their intimate event held every week in Ljubljana. I can’t wait to hang out with some Slovenian web geeks, so come along if you’re in the area! I’ve heard great things about the event from Richard Rutter, who spoke there recently.

Web Developers Conference

Fast forward from the summer sun of Brighton beach to the pre-Christmas excitement of Bristol in November (yes, November is almost Christmas!). At the Web Developers Conference, I’ll be joining a great line-up (speakers include Chris Garrett, Patrick H. Lauke, and James Box), except that instead of the usual speaking thing, I’ll be on a panel, which means I get to sit down. Hurrah! We’ll be answering questions focused on what it’s like to work in the web industry.

Please note: The Web Developers Conference is an event designed for students of the Web Design degree course at the University of West England.


On 5th September, I’ll be in Brighton once again for this year’s dConstruct. I’m not speaking at the event – I’m just there as an attendee – but I will no doubt be consuming some Belgian beer with my chums Sam Brown, Tim van Damme, and Sarah Parmenter – as well as the usual suspects from the worldwide intertubes – so come and say hello if you’re there!

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