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Viewport Industries has now closed for business

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As of today, Viewport Industries Ltd. — the company I formed with my friend Keir Whitaker back in 2011 — has officially ceased trading.

It’s a bit of a sad day because I’m immensely proud of what we achieved in the last three years: we’ve hosted Insites: The Tour, Insites: ConfShop, and Insites: The Xmas Special; published the 256-page Insites: The Book; created the Countdone iPhone app (which is now free); and published last year’s Digest magazine. However, due to our multiple commitments, it’s time to turn off the lights at VI HQ. Don’t worry, though: it’s all entirely amicable. This isn’t an H&FJ story, in case you’re wondering! You can read about our decision to close VI on Keir’s blog, too.

For a long time now, neither of us have been able to commit much time to the company, and in the last year the sole VI product has been Digest magazine. So what does the VI closure mean for Digest? Well,if you follow me on Twitter, you will no doubt have seen that I’ve been slowly talking more and more about the magazine that's taking Digest’s place: it’s called Lagom, it's being published by my main company Elliot Jay Stocks Design Ltd., and I’m going to tell you more about it very, very soon. (You can also sign up to Lagom’s mailing list to find out more and potentially win a case of IPAs!)

By the way, Keir and I will still be hosting this year’s Insites: The Xmas Special together, so if you’re coming along to that, we’ll be in touch with more info fairly soon.

Thanks for supporting VI over the years! I can’t wait to tell you about Lagom and the next chapter.