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Google Fonts Knowledge Q3 content drop

We’ve just dropped a load of new content on Google Fonts Knowledge! 15 new articles and 9 new glossary terms, to be precise. Here’s a quick breakdown:

The homepage of Google Fonts Knowledge.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with so many knowledgeable folks on this new content, and I’m once again indebted to our expert reviewers; this time: Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Gerry Leonidas, Ben Weiner, Deborah Anderson, Laurence Penney, Piper Haywood, Minjoo Ham, Cassidy Curtis, SeHee Lee, and Min-Young Kim.

I hope you enjoy all of this new content and get a lot out of it. I certainly learned a lot myself. GFK’s Q4 content drop is also just around the corner, so get yer readin’ in now!