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  1. 2024

    1. Fine Specimens — a new Kickstarter project

      21 May 2024

      Last week, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new book called Fine Specimens. This probably seems oddly timed, because the ink’s barely dry on Universal Principles of Typography, but these are very different titles.

  2. 2023

    1. A newsletter manifesto that benefits readers & publishers

      26 July 2023

      Last summer, I started a newsletter — yeah, about three years or so later than everyone else — but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that a) I’m still going with it, and b) wow, I genuinely love putting each issue together. I’d even go as far to say that it’s my favourite form of communicating with my “audience” (urgh, horrid term, but you know what I mean), given the current state of social media.

    2. The big book announcement

      29 June 2023

      As a handful of friends and subscribers to my newsletter will already know (hint hint), I’m writing a book. It’s called Universal Principles of Typography and it’s going to be published by Quarto in spring 2024.

  3. 2022

    1. The final Google Fonts Knowledge drop of 2022

      01 December 2022

      The year’s almost at its end, but we’ve got one last Google Fonts Knowledge drop for you, and, although I’m biassed... it’s a really good one. In my opinion, it builds upon what we launched for Q1, Q2, and Q3 with some well-rounded content that really takes the resource up a notch.

    2. I designed myself some festive cards and you can buy them, too

      15 November 2022

      I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally achieved a career-long dream and designed myself some cards for the festive season. Next month, I’ll start sending them out, and I’m also putting some up for sale, too.

    3. Google Fonts Knowledge Q3 content drop

      03 November 2022

      We’ve just dropped a load of new content on Google Fonts Knowledge! 15 new articles and 9 new glossary terms, to be precise. Here’s a post with a quick breakdown.

    4. This site’s type is now variable

      28 September 2022

      I’ve been writing and editing a lot of content about variable fonts for Google Fonts Knowledge recently, so I figured it was high time my own website switched over to use the variable version of Ohno’s Degular. And now it’s live — you’re reading text set in it right now. Lucky you.

    5. Google Fonts Knowledge Q2 content drop

      21 July 2022

      Today marks Google Fonts Knowledge’s second content drop of the year and I figured it was worth a quick post to cover all the newness.

    6. Google Fonts Knowledge Q1 content drop

      07 April 2022

      When we launched Google Fonts Knowledge at the end of last year, I mentioned that it was “just the start of something much larger” and today, we’re making good on that promise: our first content drop of 2022 has gone live on the site. We’ve added 21 new glossary definitions, four new articles, one heavily updated definition, and numerous small tweaks throughout the existing content. Oh, and Google Fonts Knowledge is now open source thanks to a CC BY-SA 4.0 licence!

  4. 2021

    1. Google Fonts Knowledge

      07 December 2021

      Google Fonts Knowledge — the project I’ve been building with the Google Fonts team over the course of the past year — launched today. GFK is a library of educational content designed to enable designers and developers of all skill levels to choose and use type with purpose.

  5. 2020

    1. Getting things done with TODAY ▼ + SOON ▶

      12 October 2020

      Inspired by Jeff Sheldon’s Analog project and my recent desire to move to-do lists into the physical realm, I designed my own card-based productivity system, ready to print via Moo. Here’s a bit about it.

    2. Behind the scenes of Maido’s rebranding

      07 July 2020

      A detailed look at the process that went into gently evolving the brand of the agency I worked at up until the pandemic. Type nerds, read on.

    3. A redesign at last

      25 June 2020

      Hello and welcome to the new elliotjaystocks.com — which is not just a redesign, but also a full rebuild. In fact, it’s the most substantial re-think of my personal site in about a decade, and the first time the site has had a portfolio section in a good 15 years or so. My plan is to delve into some of the site’s details in further blog posts, but today I’ll attempt a loose-ish overview. Humour an old man, won’t you?

  6. 2017

    1. Advanced Typography in Berlin

      14 June 2017

    2. Advanced Typography for the Web & Print

      21 March 2017

  7. 2014

    1. Advanced web typography: Responsive web typography

      09 April 2014

    2. Advanced web typography: Justification & hyphenation

      09 April 2014

    3. Advanced web typography: Kerning

      08 April 2014

    4. Advanced web typography: A recap on OpenType features

      08 April 2014

  8. 2013

    1. Typographica’s favourite typefaces of 2012

      18 March 2013

  9. 2012

    1. Quatro

      13 December 2012

    2. A conversation with Erik Spiekermann

      20 November 2012

    3. Typecast joins Monotype

      30 October 2012

    4. Tomorrow’s web type today: from Qaegkvwyz to Qaegkvwyz using stylesets

      15 May 2012

    5. Tomorrow’s web type today: Say it With a Swash

      14 May 2012

    6. Tomorrow’s web type today: Expert subsets for css in 123

      12 May 2012

    7. Tomorrow’s web type today: The fine flourish of the ligature

      10 May 2012

  10. 2011

    1. The typography-out approach in the world of browser-based web design

      07 October 2011

    2. Extensis’ Web Font Plug-In

      13 September 2011

    3. Choose your web fonts wisely

      01 September 2011

    4. The relevance of the baseline grid

      24 August 2011

    5. Font-weight in the age of web fonts

      07 July 2011

    6. A preview of Codex: the journal of typography

      27 April 2011

    7. Using web fonts in desktop design apps

      22 March 2011

  11. 2010

    1. MoviePeg alphabet

      09 August 2010

    2. 8 Faces #1 now available to pre-order

      16 July 2010

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