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Aboard the ship surreal

Although I realise that I’ve given almost nothing away about our trip to Brussels, the long and short of it – for now – is that it was an amazing experience. We had a fantastic time and completely fell in love with the city and its beautiful architecture, its incredibly laaid-back atmosphere, and above all, its incredibly nice people.

Right now, we’re on a ship in Amsterdam. It’s a hostel, but a ship. The wind outside is blowing us about and apparently we’re in for a storm so things could get interesting. Not that they’re not already interesting – this place is the absolute polar opposite of the clean, modern, tidy hostel in Brussels; here, a mad captain is in charge and everything is from an age long gone. There are no locks on the door and the waterworks are almost completely gone, but this is certainly an experience.

Amsterdam itself is not that great. Admittedly the weather’s been awful and that’s thrown more than a slight damper over things, but it seems vastly overrated. It’s a grey city greatly resembling a huge building site,but this very strange boat is something of a saving grace.

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