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Amsterdam > Prague > Vienna

Prague has come and gone and I’m now posting in Vienna. Time’s shooting by and neither of us can believe we’ve already been away for over a week. It’s weird, but when you’re on the move the whole time and never staying anywhere longer than 3 days, time works differently. Still, we’re now entering that pleasant stage of forgetting what day of the week it is. :-)

The city of Prague was absolutely beautiful in places and the ‘Castle District’ is a little medieval world unto its own, but on the whole, we found we were stared at and treated as nothing more than a wallet… something to expect as mere tourists, perhaps, but it was a feeling we hadn’t encountered elsewhere.

Fortunately Vienna is very much the opposite and something much closer to Brussels in terms of general friendliness. The architecture is beautiful every way you turn and I’m left wondering why it’s not talked about as much as somewhere like Prague, which really is inferior. It’s a shame we’re only here for two days, and much of our first day was eaten into by a train journey lasting almost 6 hours. That said, it was one of the best journeys yet, sharing our carriage with two Canadian students, a retired American couple, an iPod speaker system, and some (thankfully) anti-Bush political debate.

Tomorrow we’re in for another long train journey; this time to Budapest. Oh, and more photos! We bought another memory card this morning and we’ve already filled it (at the zoo!) so we’re now frantically uploading t