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iPhone 3G disappointments

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You know I’m an Apple fanboy, but even I was disappointed at the relatively minor upgrades Apple have just announced to The Wonder Machine.

Yes, it’s got 3G. Yes, it’s got GPS. These were features that iPhone 1.0 users were desperately crying out for, and it’s great that they’re here. But if there’s one complaint that has come up time and time again when I’ve spoken to friends, family, and colleagues about the iPhone, it’s about the camera.

Firstly, the iPhone 1.0 camera only has a 2 megapixel sensor and so competes rather poorly with the hefty cameras available on most other phones (I had a 3.2 megapixel camera on my old Sony Ericsson phone a whole two years before the iPhone came out). Secondly, there’s no video recording capability, which again has meant that it’s constantly fallen short when compared to fantastic offerings by other mobile manufacturers. So surely – surely – a camera upgrade was a given, right?

Apparently not. The camera is exactly the same.

“But it’s due to the form factor,” I hear you whispering in the back row. “It’s because you can’t have all these great things in one device.” Valid points, perhaps, but in my own personal experience, the number of complaints about the iPhone 1.0 camera far outweigh the complaints about its lack of 3G or GPS. “Oh, stop moaning,” someone shouts, as an egg just about misses my head.

Will I buy it? Of course I will. :p