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I’m speaking at the London Design Festival

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I’m honoured to announce that I’ll be speaking at ‘ iDesign: design for life’, a one-day event that’s part of September’s London Design Festival. To quote the website, “the conference examines the impact of digital interactive media on all of our lives. Bringing together some of the foremost practitioners and thinkers from online, mobile, film, games and tv, the delegation will discuss how our collective digital future will pan out, and the importance of good design principles and practices for both social and economic benefit.”

Please come along! The event only costs £55 for the day (which is insanely resonable if you’ve seen the price of these things usually) and will also be the main digital-centric focus of the whole London Design Festival. It’s on Tuesday 18th September in the Purcell Room, located in the heart of London’s Southbank Centre. Although it’s on all day, my session will be in the afternoon.

I’m still working out the format of my talk, but it’ll probably focus around the ‘transparent creative process’ we’re known for at Carson Systems. There’ll be a Q&A session from the chair after my talk and then a Q&A session with the audience, so come along and throw awkward questions at me (or if I can bribe nice questions out of you with an after-show pint, that’d be smashing). I’ll join the day’s other speakers at the end of the afternoon for a big panel mash-up type of thing.

Whilst bowing repeatedly to the organisers in thanks, I’m also humbled to announce my fellow speakers: Clive Grinyer (Director of Design at Orange), Adam Gee (New Media Commissioner at Channel 4), Dr. Nick Bayliss (whose life’s work focuses on the study of happiness), and Helen Keegan (founder of BeepMarketing). Wow! To say I’m a little nervous about sharing the stage with these guys is something of an understatement.