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Announcing... EP 1. Come and get it.

I’ve been waffling on about it for ages, and at long last, I’m pleased to announce that the waffling is over. EP 1 is finally out and you can get it… right now!

To download the EP, click on the big ‘buy’ button below. As I’ve said before, you pay whatever you like for it, but there’s a minimum price of £1 (because I don’t have Radiohead’s bank balance). Please note: Sometimes the ‘Fast Checkout with PayPal’ button takes a while to load, so give it a few seconds.

Click here to buy the EP and then press the ‘Fast Checkout with PayPal’ button

UPDATE: You can now buy the EP in FLAC format (for a minimum payment of £2). Either click here, or – if you’ve already bought it – [email me](mailto:[email protected]?subject=FLAC files for EP 1) and I’ll give it to you for free.

The promo code

At SXSW I gave out some cards with promo codes on them. If you have one of these, type in the promo code when prompted and you’ll get the EP completely free. Before you type in the code, though, make sure you’ve left the price as the £1 default, as the promo code effectively reduces the price by that amount.

A few details

All of the DRM-free MP3 files are encoded at 360kbps so the quality is very high. Likewise, I’ve included the artwork (front and back) as 1000px x 1000px JPEGs, and the art is automatically embedded within the ID3 tags as well. If you’d like to see the artwork before buying, I’ve uploaded it here: front cover & back cover.

For those of you who are familiar with the Sourhaze stuff I’ve released before, I hope you’ll agree that this new material is a lot stronger. I think that’s mainly because it’s now instrumental (read: no longer ruined by my attempts at ‘singing’), but in general I feel a lot more confident about these songs. That’s why, at least for now, I’m treating this as a new beginning; hence the EP’s title.

The Sourhaze website

A new beginning means a new website, so head on over to sourhaze.com for the full experience. I’ve actually kept it very minimal but you can play the preview medley from the embedded Flash player and – if you so desire – sign up to the mailing list. At some point in the future (perhaps after the launch of EP 2 later this year) I’ll put together a ‘proper’ new site that allows you to buy the whole Sourhaze back catalogue. Right now is just seemed best to keep things simple and focus entirely on the new release.


Unsurprisingly, I’d love to know what you think of the music, and I thank you in advance for any purchases you make (and I thank you very heartily indeed for any purchases made above the £1 recommended price)! Please leave any feedback you have in the comments below, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

Lastly, thanks for all your encouragement on here and on Twitter – I really appreciate you sticking with me throughout the recording process from when it began so many months ago!