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The Berlin pop-up starts tomorrow!

This is a brief reminder that I’m going to start writing the next edition of my pop-up newsletter, Notes from a different (type)setting, tomorrow — and the first issue will be sent on Friday morning. Then there’ll be an issue sent on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and finally Monday morning.


So if you’d like to come along with me and, in some way, experience what it’s like travelling to Berlin with my mates Jamie and Emma, attending Berlin Letters, generally hanging out in the city, and travelling home again, accompanied by a load of photos shot on my X-T5, and all of this sprinkled with a healthy smattering of typographic geekery — and there will be a lot of type geeks there, don’t you worry — then please do hit the button:

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As a reminder, the idea behind the pop-up newsletter, borrowed from Craig, is that you get an issue every day over a short time period, there are no online archives, and the mailing list is deleted entirely after the last issue’s been sent. It might seem contrary to conventional list-building wisdom, but it lends a nice sense of immediacy to it all.

Plus, I get to feel like a Travel Writer™ for four days. See you there?

Thanks for reading and please do email me if you’d like to geek out about any of the above — I always respond.

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