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Luvvers & castles

Happy Friday, folks. I didn’t expect to be sending out another newsletter so soon (when I said this’d be “sporadic”, I was trying to make life easier for myself), but hey, some interesting type stuff came up, and who am I to ignore it? Oh, and hello, all you new subscribers! Lovely to have you all here.

Letter Luvvers

I’m still buzzing after attending the very first Letter Luvvers event on Wednesday night, right here in sunny Bristol, organised by Laurence Penney (who’s recently been helping out with reviewing content at GFK) and Borys Kosmynka. It was great to hear lettering artist Emma Luczyn and type designer (and 8 Faces interviewee) Toshi Omagari speak, and to meet a bunch of fellow type and lettering geeks. Looking forward to these becoming a regular thing. Love those individually hand-lettered ampersands on each poster, too!


Ohno Casual

At one point during Letter Luvvers on Wednesday, a conversation between a few of us became so enthusiastic about Ohno Type Co., it felt like the inauguration of the Bristol chapter of The James Edmondson Appreciation Society. So it feels only right to mention the foundry’s latest typeface, Ohno Casual, which hit the internets this week. Don’t forget to check out James’ “process” blog post.


20(+2) years of the TGA

Back to the subject of typographic events, the Typographic Society of Austria are hosting their delayed 20th(ish) annual symposium at Raabs an der Thaya castle in August, and wow, what a venue! Straight out of a fairytale. I wish I could make this event — there are some great folks speaking, including Alice Savoie, Min-Young Kim, Lisa Huang, and Veronika Burian. Also, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen an event officially offer childcare. What a great idea! More of this, please, conference organisers. (Image from Wikipedia.)


Type Art Archives by Mr. Cup

Mr. Cup is back with his 18th(!) Kickstarter campaign, which got successfully funded earlier this week. All three books that will make up the **Type Art Archives** look, of course, stunning.


Google Fonts Knowledge Q2 content drop

Okay, last link for this issue. Forgive the plug, but yesterday saw the arrival of our latest content drop at Google Fonts Knowledge. We launched two whole new modules (on AR/VR and type history), a load of new glossary terms, a dedicated article on managing fonts — AKA “How to stay cool under the pressure of having identically labeled static and variable fonts appearing in your fonts menu” — and improvements to existing content. I summarised everything in a blog post if you’re interested.


Thanks for reading and please do email me if you’d like to geek out about any of the above — I always respond.

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