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A Smashing Special

Today, a super-quick “special edition” of the newsletter (oh, lucky you) to let you know about two upcoming things I’m doing with the lovely folks at Smashing Magazine.

The first is Smashing Hour — a live-streamed chat between me and Vitaly Friedman, which is happening tomorrow at 4pm UK time (check your timezone). It’s going to be a very informal affair, so come and join in, or throw the proverbial rotten tomato, via Zoom.


The second collab with Smashing is one you probably already know about: my “Universal Principles of Typography” masterclass. The first session in this five-part online workshop is happening — eek — next Thursday (2nd March), and even if you’re not interested in attending, perhaps you have a friend or a colleague who might be? I’d be super grateful for any word-spreading you can do.


Is that little caricature telling me I need to comb my hair?

Alright, I promise that normal (not too self-promotional) service will resume next issue! At least I got a bit more sporadic-ness in here. Have a great week and hopefully I might catch you during Smashing Hour tomorrow, eh?

Thanks for reading and please do email me if you’d like to geek out about any of the above — I always respond.

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