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Video on CommandShift3

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At the end of last year I mentioned a rather addictive site called CommandShift3 that allows you to quickly rate website designs. That blog entry reached the attention of the site’s creators and they asked me if I’d like to create a video for their 404 page… which I was very happy to do, seeing how fond I am of being silly on camera.

If you visit the site and type an invalid URL (like commandshift3.com/404 or commandshift3.com/hmm), you should see my video appear. There are about three videos on there at the moment, so just keep refreshing until you see it.

I’m happy to be joining a long list of designers who have been asked to submit slightly-less-than-serious videos to the site. If you visit commandshift3.com/all_videos.html, you can see videos by Dan Cederholm, Khoi Vinh, Derek Powazek, Ryan Sims, and various other people I admire. Happy viewing!