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For some reason, it’s never occurred to me to do this before now – to sit in bed, laptop placed firmly in lap (at risk of sterilisation, apparently), writing my journal. Just before bed seems a perfect time to do such a thing, although perhaps it’s not a great help to my eye-sight. Still, there’s something about sitting here by candlelight and tapping away; some sense of twisted tradition where the laptop has replaced the quill pen.

It also seems like I’m going to be doing this more often once I move. The boat has an atmosphere about it that I can’t wait to be a part of. As much as I’ve praised East Finchley in the last 6 months, it’s become apparent that it’s time for a change, and moving to a boat moored at the bank of the Thames in Richmond seems like an almost logical step. The new flat’s very nature – i.e: it’s on a boat! – has something of gypsie-like quality to it; that and the small community atmosphere. It’s like the inhabitants live a strange, separated existence on the banks of the city (which, despite the boat’s permanent mooring and fixture to the land, is a world unto its own), yet still remain close to it (and because of the area that Richmond is, some of the better qualities of suburbia). This seems perfect for this time in my life, when I’ve still not quite outgrown the city, and indeed still have to remain there because of my job.

The whole situation has fallen into place in a rather uncanny fashion. For months, I’ve been longing to get my own place, but have all the time been accepting that this would not be possible until August at least. Then, Simon decides he’s leaving, which at first threw me – because it meant I would effectively become homeless and need to return home – but then turned around to become a situation that could allow me to move. It all seemed unlikely due to a variety of reasons, but then the boat flat came along, and with perfect timing, it seems.

We saw the ad on the ‘Net on Saturday, I made a viewing appointment on Monday, I viewed it and decided to take it there and then on Tuesday evening, and I paid the deposit today – making this one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done.

Of course, I’m anxious about it. Very much so. But I think it will be a time of adventure. For 6 months a least, I’m going to live on a boat in a great part of London, and I think it’s an experience I couldn’t pass up on.