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Thwart the design thieves feature in .net magazine

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Remember back in April when I blogged about my ‘Create The Perfect Logo’ feature in .net magazine? You guessed it: this post is of a similar ilk (read: shameless plug).

Some of you will know how I’ve talked about design theft in the past, as it’s happened to me on more than one occasion. It’s a subject close to my heart, so when .net asked me to write an article about it, I jumped at the chance.

Like the logo feature, this one’s made up of a plethora of interviews with some of my very talented friends; people such as Andy Budd, Andy Clarke, Dan Cederholm, Dan Rubin, Dave Shea, Drew McLellan, Jeff Croft, Jon Hicks, Jon Tan, Jonathan Snook, D. Keith Robinson, Khoi Vinh, Kyle Meyer, Miguel Ripoll, Shaun Inman, Paul Boag, Rob Weychert, Sam Brown, and Tim van Damme. Crikey! It took all of my effort to edit down the answers I was given. Sorry guys – I’m afraid the edits were quite drastic!

Anyway, go forth into the world and buy the magazine! Like all issues of .net, it also contains the regular tutorial from me (this one’s on creating beautiful footers), and it’s sold outside the UK as ‘Practical Web Design’.

Oh, and you’ll let me know your thoughts with a little comment below, won’t you?

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