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  1. 2020

    1. Getting things done with TODAY ▼ + SOON ▶

      12 October 2020

      Inspired by Jeff Sheldon’s Analog project and my recent desire to move to-do lists into the physical realm, I designed my own card-based productivity system, ready to print via Moo. Here’s a bit about it.

  2. 2019

    1. Tempo: not just another email client

      17 September 2019

      My interest has been piqued by email app Tempo, which I’ve been trying out in beta for the last few months. With the product imminently coming out of beta and the approaching launch of their mobile app, now seems like a good time to reflect on this intriguing new contender.

  3. 2018

    1. Doing one thing a day; or, a calendar plan that’s actually productive

      10 April 2018

      A couple of years ago, I wrote an article called ‘Working for half a day to be more productive’, and while my intentions were good, that piece suffered from a problem that has affected many of my writings on the subject of getting-things-done: I wrote the piece without having actually settled into the very routine about which I was enthusing, and — lo and behold — I no longer follow my own recommendation, having failed to stick to such a rigid schedule.

  4. 2016

    1. Working for half a day to be more productive

      14 March 2016

  5. 2013

    1. Countdone is now available in the App Store

      26 June 2013

  6. 2011

    1. The Email Charter

      04 July 2011

    2. Time away from email

      18 April 2011

  7. 2008

    1. Write off that first hour

      27 November 2008

Looking for something you can’t find here? When relaunching this website, I decided to ‘de-list’ several articles I considered to be outdated / irrelevant / embarrassing. It’s possible they are actually still here and Google might be able to help you find them.