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  1. 2024

    1. How we integrated my Buttondown newsletter into my Kirby site

      20 March 2024

      My old friend Keir helped me get my newsletter (which is powered by Buttondown) integrated into this website (which is powered by Kirby). This blog post is about why I wanted to do that, how we achieved it, and what my publishing workflow now looks like.

  2. 2023

    1. A newsletter manifesto that benefits readers & publishers

      26 July 2023

      Last summer, I started a newsletter — yeah, about three years or so later than everyone else — but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that a) I’m still going with it, and b) wow, I genuinely love putting each issue together. I’d even go as far to say that it’s my favourite form of communicating with my “audience” (urgh, horrid term, but you know what I mean), given the current state of social media.

Looking for something you can’t find here? When relaunching this website, I decided to ‘de-list’ several articles I considered to be outdated / irrelevant / embarrassing. It’s possible they are actually still here and Google might be able to help you find them.