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  1. 2021

    1. Google Fonts Knowledge

      07 December 2021

      Google Fonts Knowledge — the project I’ve been building with the Google Fonts team over the course of the past year — launched today. GFK is a library of educational content designed to enable designers and developers of all skill levels to choose and use type with purpose.

  2. 2020

    1. Getting things done with TODAY ▼ + SOON ▶

      12 October 2020

      Inspired by Jeff Sheldon’s Analog project and my recent desire to move to-do lists into the physical realm, I designed my own card-based productivity system, ready to print via Moo. Here’s a bit about it.

    2. Behind the scenes of Maido’s rebranding

      07 July 2020

      A detailed look at the process that went into gently evolving the brand of the agency I worked at up until the pandemic. Type nerds, read on.

    3. A redesign at last

      25 June 2020

      Hello and welcome to the new elliotjaystocks.com — which is not just a redesign, but also a full rebuild. In fact, it’s the most substantial re-think of my personal site in about a decade, and the first time the site has had a portfolio section in a good 15 years or so. My plan is to delve into some of the site’s details in further blog posts, but today I’ll attempt a loose-ish overview. Humour an old man, won’t you?

  3. 2011

    1. Using web fonts in desktop design apps

      22 March 2011

Looking for something you can’t find here? When relaunching this website, I decided to ‘de-list’ several articles I considered to be outdated / irrelevant / embarrassing. It’s possible they are actually still here and Google might be able to help you find them.