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Studio diary: part 3

I have something to report… and something for you to download!

The last two weeks in the studio have been extremely fruitful. After having to abandon my original recording timeslot in December, I’ve managed to fit it into the last fortnight (woo hoo – no client work!). And you’ll be pleased to hear that I have something to show for it.

So before I waffle on any further, here’s a free download for you: a 5 minute, 5 song medley of tracks from my forthcoming EP. It’s DRM-free (of course!) and it’s 320kbps. Get it, share it, and enjoy!

Download link: Sourhaze EP 1 Preview Medley

Please let me know what you think in the comments. The mixes you hear are very rough and everything is subject to change, but I’m hoping that this little MP3 will give you a relatively accurate taste of what’s to come, and hopefully it’ll prove that I was telling the truth about recording an EP!


Right now, my friend and collaborator Rhys has been given the source files and he’ll soon be starting work on some remixes. These remixes will be combined with the existing tracks and the whole lot will then receive a final mix to make it all sound lovely.

What this means is that I’m aiming to release EP 1 in about a month from now. Exciting! (Well, for me.)


In case you haven’t read part 1 and part 2 of the Studio Diary, this EP will be the first of a two EP set; the second will surface around summer. Both EPs will feature five tracks and will be available as downloads only. You’ll be able to pay what you want for them, with a minimum payment of just £1 per EP. If sales go well and there’s enough money in the pot to pay for the production of a physical release, then I’ll do just that at the end of the year: put out a CD album that combines both EPs, features at least two extra tracks, and comes in some beautiful lavish packaging.

Again, let me know what you think! I can’t wait to play you the finished tracks! Also, thanks so much for all your encouragement in previous posts and Twitter messages. Together, we shall rock! :D