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Speaking gigs in 2024

I just updated my ‘speaking’ page with a new event and realised that wow, 2024 is shaping up to be the busiest year of speaking gigs since pre-Covid times! Especially since all but one of them are in-person.

Two events are already done: in January I MC’d the premiere of the feature-length documentary This is What I Want to Do in Cologne, and — does this count? — spoke at my book’s official launch party. Here’s what’s coming up over the next few months:

In addition to these, I’m also attending Berlin Letters in July and hoping to attend Kinference in October, if I can fit it around my travel to/from Texas.

It feels great to be ‘back at it’ again, especially as it means seeing folks in real life, although I do try to limit how much time I’m away from my family unless I can take them with me. But I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, whether that’s speaking at a conference or hosting a workshop, so please do get in touch if you’re organising something.

And also let me know if you’re going to any of the events above!