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So, I have a record out

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Today sees the realisation of a dream I’ve had for most of my adult (and pre-adult) life: to release a record. An actual physical record — yes, on vinyl — on an actual label, with actual distribution, for sale in actual shops.

It’s true that the label is in fact my own, so it’s not like I’ve got ‘signed’, per se, but everything’s legit, and most importantly the support from some well-known producers has made me feel like perhaps this isn’t a totally daft side project. Folks like Simon Shreeve / Mønic, Kamikaze Space Programme, Paula Temple, Samuli Kemppi, Killawatt, Henning Baer, Cassegrain, Jonas Kopp, and Daniel Avery have all said some really nice things.

(If you’re into techno / electronic music, you’ll know why this feedback has put a big smile on my face.)

At some point in the not too distant future, I might write a post about the whole process. Not the music-making itself, but the vinyl mastering, the manufacturing, the distribution, the fulfilment, the industry promotion, the legalities, etc. Being connected to the people who handle all of these things has been thanks to my generous friend Simon Shreeve — an artist whose own music had a profound influence on my own (Human Pattern is still an all-time favourite), long before I knew him as a person. Thank you, Simon, for helping bring this into being!!


But for now, I just wanted to write a quick post about the fact that the EP is out. You can buy (LOLZ) or stream it from all the usual digital places, or you can buy the vinyl (and get a free download) from stores such as Hard Wax, Juno, and Deejay. Buying it from Bandcamp is the most direct way to support the project. If you feel so inclined, thank you.