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Round-up of 2007 speaking events

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As the year draws to a close, it feels like a good time to recap on the events I’ve spoken at in 2007; specifically, I’d like to collect all of the videos and slides in one central place. Most importantly, I’m pleased to announcee that the video of me talking at FOWD has been made publically available, which means it’s no longer reserved for attendees of the event!

Future of Web Design

Speaking in New York in front of almost 800 people and sharing the stage with some of my web design heroes was probably the highlight of my year, event-wise. The support from the community was overwhelming but it was the aftermath of this talk that really surprised me. It seems that “destroy the web 2.0 look” was taken as a rallying cry to many, and there’s now a whole wealth of web designers sticking up for original design and abandoning those awful ‘2.0’ clichés. Most incredibly, the slides from this talk are now in Slideshare’s ’most viewed of all time’, currently (at time of writing) with over 74,000 views. Crikey!

Attendees to the event can access all of the videos at cdevroe.com/fowd but my presentation is available to everyone by clicking on the link below…

Skillswap Bristol

The most informal speaking event of the year and one of the most fun, Bristol SkillSwap gathered several web types in one room, plied us with alcohol, and got the heated debates a-flowing! Andy Budd, Matt Jones and I lead three discussions surrounding web design, with everyone jumping into six seats in the middle of the room to contribute to the talk. Chaos and lots of laughter ensued.

iDesign: Design For Life

iDesign was part of the London Design Festival and the event focussed on digital technology. My session was the only one exclusively related to the web and I attempted to debunk some web design myths and talk about the transparent creative process.

Oxford Geek Night 3

My first speaking engagement was at the third Oxford Geek Night, where I squeezed a gentle attack on IE users into a five minute ‘microslot’. Ok, it wasn’t really an attack (that’s the misconception many people had); it was a suggestion that we should not always cater for the lowest common denominator and how a little intentional degradation might do us all a little good.

Oh, one last thing…

It appears to be Christmas Eve, so I just wanted to thank all of you for your support throughout the year, and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! See you in 2008!