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Article illustration for Quatro

I’ve had a very personal relationship with Quatro ( Sans / Slab) for a number of years now. I loved its first incarnation — the Ultra weight of the Sans — and when I came to do the branding for Brooklyn Beta, I was able to use the then-beta (see what I did there) version of Quatro Slab, thanks to the generosity of designer Mark Caneso. Over the years, Mark and I have become friends, and in that space of time he’s expanded both the Sans and Slab from Ultras to full, multi-weight families.

So when I designed Insites: The Book, I had the chance to work with one of my favourite typefaces on a much larger scale, setting the body type and pull quotes in the Regular weight of Quatro Slab and everything else in various weights of the Sans. It made a lot of sense, since I’d already used the Ultra Sans for the Insites logo when we did the tour, and it also meant I could use yet another beta version, as — at the time — Mark was putting the finishing touches to the full Sans family.

Anyway, if you love Quatro as much as I do, you might be interested to know that we’ve teamed up with Mark to offer a special promotion:

Sounds like a good excuse to buy some awesome fonts, wouldn’t you say?

Photo by Marc Thiele