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More reasons to get excited about Typekit

Posted on 20 August 2009

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‘The font-as-service’, the article I wrote for I Love Typography a couple of weeks ago, seemed to go down relatively well (it got comments from such type legends as Jonathan Hoefler and Erik Spiekermann, no less!), but I think I accidentally gave the impression that I was anti- Typekit.

Not so.

Typekit, like Fontdeck and the other font delivery services emerging online, is a very exciting development and I think my criticisms may have been given a little too much emphasis, so my apologies for that. Importantly, one of my major peeves — the way that Typekit handles the font stack — is actually now changing thanks to the API, so thanks to Jason and Jeffrey for clarifying that in the comments.

However, as well as setting the record straight about my feelings towards Typekit, the real reason I’m returning to the subject so quickly is because today has seen the first indication of its pricing structure, thanks to a screengrab doing the rounds on Twitter. At $49.99 a year for the ‘Portfolio’ plan, I’m pretty happy with the price and will be glad to pay that once my free beta testing period is over.

One question I do have, though, is about the number of sites I’m then able to use it on. Don’t get me wrong: I think $49.99 a year for five sites is extremely good value. But what happens when I want to add a sixth site? Do I have to jump up to the ‘Corporate’ plan and pay $49.99 a month? I’m assuming not, but would anyone from Typekit like to clarify that point?

(I’m guessing the answer is on typekit.com/plans — the URL given on Get Satisfaction — but at the time of writing it no longer appears to be active.)

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