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Measure, Adapt, Repeat — my new EP

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This week’s a busy one in terms of announcements. On Monday, as well as starting my new job, I had some new music out on Fur:ther Sessions, a wonderful record label based in Bad Kohlgrub, Germany. As much as I enjoy running my own label, there’s nothing quite like the validation of someone else putting out your music.

The EP is called Measure, Adapt, Repeat, and the absolute best way to support the label is to buy it directly from their Bandcamp.

Although I’m becoming increasingly skeptical about Spotify’s business partactices, I seem to have more listeners there than anywhere else, and I like the service from a user’s perspective, so here’s one of their pretty embeds:

Apple Music’s embeds could use a bit of love IMHO, but here’s one anyway:

Of course, it’s out on all the usual services. There’s a full list on fanlink.tv/measure-adapt-repeat. Anyway, this release is special to me for three very different reasons:

Firstly, it’s out on a label I genuinely love and respect. I’m so proud to be label mates with the likes of Polygonia, Forest On Stasys, Save Your Atoll, Dycide, Kamulet, etc.

Secondly, there’s a remix on there from Magna Pia. When Covid kicked off, I did some 1:1 Zoom lessons in music theory and production with Hüseyin, and he became a friend. But more importantly, his music as one half of Cassegrain (with Alex Tsiridis) was instrumental in getting me into this side of electronic music around 2015. So it’s an incredible honour to have him reinterpret one of my tracks.

Thirdly — and this is going to sound a bit strange, but bear with me — this release might be the last techno I’ll make for a while. I’m not going to go into the reasons here, but the music I’ve started making recently is very different, and rather than gradually change my sound to bridge the gap, I’m kind of treating this EP as ‘going out on a high’ (hopefully). Or maybe I’ll eat my words. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

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