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Introducing WooThemes; or, How you can own my WordPress theme designs

Posted on 09 July 2008

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Today sees the launch of WooThemes, a project that offers a whole new world of ‘premium’ WordPress themes. Instead of paying for individual themes, you can subscribe to the WooThemes Club and receive every single theme we release over the course of your subscription, including the entire back catalogue. Behind all this is the team from the Premium News Themes – WordPress ‘rockstar’ Adii, Mark Forrester, and Magnus Jepson – and now me.

The first theme I’ve designed as part of the WooThemes collective is called ProudFolio, and was created with designers, photographers, and artists in mind. It puts a massive emphasis on the portfolio pieces, allowing for decent-sized thumbnails, huge fullscreen views via Lightbox, and full details on the ‘single’ page. The theme file also contains a choice of three different background images and colour schemes.

Article illustration for Introducing WooThemes; or, How you can own my WordPress theme designs

The coolest thing, though (thanks to coding by Adii) is that the portfolio items and regular blog entries are all still ‘posts’; their look and behaviour is simply defined by specifying the category ‘portfolio’ or ‘blog’. This means that every time you post a new portfolio item, it’ll show up in your RSS feed, and you get to harness the power of the ‘post’, which is a little more flexible than a ‘page’.

If you want to know the nitty gritty, here you go:

- Join the club and get 1 – 2 new themes every month… guaranteed

- At least 1 theme designed by me every 2 months… guaranteed

- Access to our entire catalogue of themes to date

- The highest quality Wordpress themes on the market

- A 3 month subscription starting at just $150

Marketing aside, this is a project I really believe in, and one I believe is genuinely beneficial to subscribers. So head over to WooThemes now and sign up! If you have any comments about Proudfolio or any suggestions for new themes / features, please let me know in the comments below.

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