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Introducing: Insites

Keir and I have just pushed the big green ‘go’ button on a new project we’re working on together: a short series of evening talks called Insites.

The idea behind this little tour is to put on three fun events in Manchester, London, and Bristol. Don’t think of the talks as ‘presentations’ in the typical, conference-like sense of the word; instead, these are going to be very informal sessions, with a lot of Q & A, and probably no projector in most cases. Each evening will focus on discussing the industry, the mistakes we’ve made, and all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that you rarely get at big conferences. In essence, it’ll be more like sitting around with your mates, chatting over a beer. As the site says: No design, no code; just informative and open dialogue.

We’ve got some great venues lined up for the tour. Rather than go for the usual kind of thing, we’re speaking to creative studio about using their spaces so that the setting is really unique. The one we’ve got lined up for London is especially awesome.

For more info, check out Keir’s post about the announcement, and sign up to the Insites mailing list in order to be the first to hear about the full details. Oh, and be sure to check out the site on a small screen for some responsive-y goodness, if that floats your boat.

(Attention, trivia fans! The typeface in the logo is Quatro, the sans version of the slab serif I used for the Brooklyn Beta identity. If you spotted that, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.)