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I’m speaking at SkillSwap Bristol

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SkillSwap Bristol is relaunching with a new venue and format, and they’ve invited me along to speak at the event, which will be on Tuesday 25th September. At time of writing, that’s just over a week away.

I’ll be joined by the mighty Andy Budd (he of Clearleft / dConstruct / CSS Mastery fame) and some other as-yet-unconfirmed speakers. If you check out the site, you’ll see the idea is to “have 3 or 4 speakers who will pose a Talking Point taking about 5 minutes, then everyone will get the chance to discuss for about half an hour. Every half hour we’ll have a new Talking Point. The idea is for you to talk to as many different people as possible over the course of the evening.” It sounds like lots of fun, so if you can get to Bristol, please come and join us!