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Ideas of March 2.0

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Wow, has it really been a year? Twelve whole months since Chris wrote that fateful blog post that got me back into blogging? It looks like it, as he’s blogged about this year’s Ideas of March and asked a whole bunch of us to join in once again.

I’m extremely grateful for the kick-up-the-bum Chris gave me last year. It reignited my passion for blogging and I’m proud to say that I kept it up. In fact, looking back over the last twelve months’ posts shows that there are a whopping 48 of them (including this one). That’s an average of just under one a week.

Chris asked that we blog about blogging, so I’d like to briefly talk about two things specifically:

That’s all from me. Chris Cornutt is keeping a list of this year’s posts. Viva la blogolucion!