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Help us raise $35,000 for clean water in Ethiopia

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Around this time last year, at the inaugural Brooklyn Beta, I watched Cameron Moll take to the stage and speak about Authentic Jobs. I was particularly moved by his philanthropic efforts: how he’d used his high profile and the company’s high profile to raise several thousand dollars for charity: water. This year he’s doing it again and, as I’m now an Authentic Jobs partner, I’m honoured to be involved.

The new campaign’s aim is to raise ብር600,000 Ethiopian birr, which roughly equates to $35,000 USD. That goal is a 66% increase over the $21,386 raised by Authentic Jobs last year and will allow charity: water to purchase a drilling rig that will eventually serve 100% of Northern Ethiopia with access to clean, safe drinking water. Cameron has put together a nice, parallax-tastic site to illustrate how the funds will help at authenticjobs.com/six.

It seems insane to me that clean drinking water is still a luxury to some folks in the world. (It’s the 21st Century, isn’t it?!?) Sadly, it’s all too easy to forget when we live in our privileged western society, but we’re the ones lucky enough to be in a position to help.

I’ve given and I would encourage all readers of this blog to give, too. As Cameron said in his recent blog post, please donate as little or as much as you can afford. Even a small donation will go towards making a difference to these people’s lives.

If you can, please donate now. The campaign ends in three days.

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