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Hello again, Adobe Fonts

Without this wanting to sound like a LinkedIn post, I’m very excited to announce that today is my first day at Adobe Fonts. Or, more specifically, my first day back at Adobe Fonts — some of you might remember that I spent three years as Adobe Fonts’ Creative Director around a decade ago, when the service was still known as Typekit (see Hello, Typekit and Goodbye, Typekit).

I’m not returning as Creative Director this time around, and in fact this is only a six-month contract to help out on a specific project, but during that time I’m looking forward to making some meaningful contributions to the service and its role in Adobe’s wider Creative Cloud ecosystem. I can’t really share much of what I’m going to be working on yet, but needless to say I’m thrilled to be rejoining so many old friends on the team.

I must admit that it’s also going to be nice to have a consistent focus for the remainder of this year. It feels like I’ve been in full-on promo mode recently, what with Universal Principles of Typography, a load of workshops, and the Fine Specimens Kickstarter to sell. I’m genuinely looking forward to spending less time on social media trying to promote all these various projects and just hunkering down a bit. (Perhaps that’ll be a relief for anyone who follows me, too.) Don’t worry — my newsletter isn’t going anywhere, and in fact I’m going to be running another pop-up newsletter in just over two weeks.