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Hear me speak at SXSW!

Posted on 20 September 2007

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Yes, I admit this is just an update to a previous blog entry, but there are now only hours to go, so I though I’d give this a final push!

Even though the web design blogosphere threatens to collapse under the weight of countless ‘vote for my SXSW panel’ requests and people are getting angry at the prospect of more public voting, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add one more to the ring.

So, if you’d like to hear me chair a panel at SXSW next year (or even if you don’t and would simply be kind enough to offer your support), please vote for me using the interactive Panel Picker. Although I can’t reveal the other web folk I’m hoping will join me in the panel, I can of course reveal the panel idea itself:

“Pedantic Semantics: Using Subtlety to Fight Lazy Web Design” As designers, it’s in our nature to agonise over the details – perhaps even to an obsessive degree. But this level of perfectionism should be celebrated and embraced, especially when it comes to applying that ethos to our markup. Care about semantics! Care about code indentation! Care about class names! Only through perfectionism can we convert the non-believers who are content to mark up sites like MySpace.

Sound interesting? Please help me by voting! And even if (for whatever reason) you’d rather not vote, let’s open a discussion: what are your own thoughts on the subject? Do you care about indenting your code? Are you proud to be pedantic? Or do you think adherence to Web Standards and such is a load of old cods wallop and we should all just dust off our old friends tables?

The comments are open and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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