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‘Gimmi’ custom Photoshop brushes (v1)

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Free Photoshop brushes for the masses!

A friend of mine recently drew my attention to gimmi.co.uk, an excellent resource for scanned images of brush strokes, burns, ink splats and sprays (and more). As I’m always looking for new textures to use in my work, I downloaded them all straight away, but then realised the images would be much more useful – and reusable – if they were turned into custom Photoshop brushes. So I did just that.

All of the images have been reduced in size and optimised for brush making, which in most cases simply meant fading to the edges to avoid harsh ‘document boundary’ lines. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible for a couple of the ink spray brushes, but they’re stll highly usable – just tweak as necessary. At some point I might create bitmapped versions of these brushes (i.e: simple on / off (black / transparent) versions without the varying degrees of alpha transparency found in these ones), but for now these should suffice in bringing some dirtiness to your projects! :-)

One last thing: due to the relatively small pixel dimensions, these are mostly suitable for use in web-based work or small-scale print work.

Enjoy, and please link to your usages of them – or report any problems – in the comments below.