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Feature in .net / Practical Web Design magazine

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This month’s issue of .net magazine (#166) has a feature on elliotjaystocks.com and a (very) mini interview with me. It’s on page 53 in the ‘gallery’ section, and shares the pages with jrvelasco.com (my favourite website design of 2007) and the latest offering from My Pet Skeleton, the studio who made me want to get into web design in the first place.

US readers please note: .net is published as Practical Web Design in the States.

A few issues ago (issue 163, in fact), .net featured my Trojan Records website, so it’s a real honour to be back in their pages so soon – it’s a fine publication. However, my relationship with the magazine is only just beginning, as I’ve been asked to start writing Photoshoop-related tutorials for them. More on that soon…

On a sidenote, I’m writing this while on the coach from Oxford to London (post- OGN), via the bus’ free on-board WiFi network! How cool is that? :)