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EP 2 is on its way

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Remember when I released EP 1 last April? At the time I’d promised a second EP later in the year, but of course it never materialised due to workload. Since then, people have often asked me, ‘when is EP 2 coming out?’ and I’m happy to say that my answer is now: ‘very soon.’

As of tomorrow, I’ll be back in the studio, writing and recording a whole bunch of new music that will become EP 2 in the not-too-distant future. Of course, ‘back in the studio’ simply means sitting at the same desk I always sit at, but working on a different Mac and with instruments strewn all over the place. It’ll be the first time I’ll really be able to try out version 8 of Live Suite (which I bought back in January — how optimistic of me) and I’m like a giddy schoolboy when it comes to new music-making toys. I’ve also just discovered the work of Dan and James from Soniccouture, who are sure to get a penny or two of mine over the next few weeks.

Last year I made a sort of ‘studio diary’ during EP 1’s creation process and I’ll probably do the same thing this time around, posting previews of works-in-progress and the like. Watch this space!

[Photo: Video screenshot from ableton.com/soniccouture]

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