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‘Destroy The Web 2.0 Look’ @ Future of Web Design, New York

Posted on 13 November 2007

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UPDATE: The video is now available to view on Viddler. Hurrah!

On Wednesday, I spoke at the Future of Web Design event in New York with a talk called ‘Destroy The Web 2.0 Look’. Thanks to everyone who’s been coming up to me and saying you enjoyed it – that kind of thing really makes my day. It was great to have so many of you say hi at the after-party and I think the talk had the desired effect: to encourage people to break with overused web design trends and emphasise that ‘web 2.0’ is not a design aesthetic.

I’ve put the slides online using Slideshare, which seems pretty useful. You can view them below or on the Slideshare site, and if you’d like to have a PDF to pass around, Here you go. Hopefully it still makes sense even without my commentary, but as soon as we’ve edited the video, I’ll post the link here (please note that the video will only be viewable by conference attendees).

Did anyone happen to take any shots while I was speaking? If you could send me links to photos, that’d be great! Or just tag them with my name.

Thanks again to everyone who listened, laughed, and clapped during the presentation, and to those of you showed your support afterwards. It’s always appreciated and the audience response made this my favourite speaking gig so far. Cheers guys!

Photo credit: Jonathan Christopher

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