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Design trends in 2009

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I was rather chuffed to be interviewed in the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects, which is one of my favourite magazines.

Editor Kate Evans describes the issue’s lead story like so: “A new year is always an exciting time, and so we’ve spoken to 40 of the biggest names in the design industry about what they expect to see in 2009.” Other designers and agencies interviewed include Erik Spiekermann, Rob Chiu, Gavin Strange, Studio Output, and Poke, and there are some very insightful predictions. I wonder which ones will come true?

Here’s an excerpt of what I said:

Web design in 2008 has been very elaborate, filled with lots of colours and textures, so I think we might see a return to minimalism in 2009; a shift of focus back to the content."

What about you guys? What would you predict for design trends in 2009 (web / print / any form of design)? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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