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Create the perfect logo feature in .net magazine

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As some of you will know, I write graphics-related tutorials for .net magazine (published as Practical Web Design outside the UK) on a monthly basis. However, this month’s issue is a special one, as it’s the first to include a feature written by me, as well as the regular tutorial. This 5-page feature is called ‘Create the perfect logo’ and discusses current trends in logo design, explores techniques employed by some of the world’s top designers, and walks the reader through a couple of case studies.

In the process of writing the article, I got to interview a number of my friends who also double-up as my design heroes; people like Shaun Inman, Dan Mall, Bryan Veloso, Jon Hicks, Dan Rubin, Ryan Singer, Nick La, and Ryan Nichols. And on seeing the final thing in print, I was honoured to discover that the feature has been illustrated by the great Rob Chiu, of whom I’m a big fan.

This issue is a particularly good issue, in my biased opinion, as it also includes a great article about grid design by featuring Mark Boulton (Mark – how on earth did I manage to forget you when interviewing people for the logo feature? Sorry about that!), an opinion piece by Jina Bolton, and a great tutorial by The Snookinator himself. All bloody good stuff. Go out, buy a copy, and enjoy.

In other .net-related news, I’ve been given permission to republish my tutorials on this website. Although there will be a time delay to allow the issue to go off sale, it means that those of you who can’t get the magazine will still get to see the tutorials.