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Bypassing the new Delicious site

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So del.icio.us is now just delicious.com, eh? And a less-than-spectacular redesign, too?

This has reminded me to post something about how I use the Delicious service rather than its website. I’ve never been one for social bookmarking. Not that I’m a miserable old git who likes to keep all my goodies to myself (well, just a tad), but I’ve always been put off by the sites that offer the service. I like my bookmarks in my browser menu, goddamit, and that’s where I’ll have them!

Not only that; personally I find the Delicious site a pretty uninspiring one to use. It’s been improved with the redesign, but it’s still not something I’d visit out of choice, and going to a site simply to get to another site seems like a silly thing to do when we’re just dealing with bookmarks.

So… a revelation came to me a few months ago when I discovered Delicious Safari, a lovely little plugin that makes my bookmarks accessible from one simple menu – all within the browser. This was almost discovered by accident, though, as what I actually wanted to do was find a way of syncronising bookmarks between my home MacBook Pro and my (then) work MacBook Pro… absolutely nothing to do with being ‘social’ at all!

Article illustration for Bypassing the new Delicious site

Of course, this isn’t specific to Safari. I know similar things exist for Firefox (such as the official add-on) and IE (but why on earth are you using IE, you dirty little thing?).

I no longer have a ‘work’ MBP, but I’m using Delicious Safari to sync my bookmarks across my MBP and my newly-purchased Mac Mini. In fact it was one of the first things I installed on the new machine.

Hey, that reminds me: would you be interested in a post about what apps I’d recommend as a ‘bare minimum’ on a virgin OSX installation?