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Announcing Insites: The Book

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Although I’m concerned that my recent blog posts are starting to resemble nothing more than a long list of project announcements, this is a big one, and one I couldn’t keep quiet about before the end of the year. Please forgive me, because hopefully you’ll find this as exciting as I do!

Last month, when I blogged about Keir and I forming Viewport Industries, I alluded to a ‘sequel’ to Insites: The Tour (the series of small evening web-focused events we ran across the UK over four nights) and many believed it to be a follow-up tour or perhaps even a bigger, all-day event. It is neither. The sequel is Insites: The Book.

What we learned from running Insites was that it didn’t matter whether we interviewed a designer, a developer, or an entrepreneur; everyone has a fascinating story to tell and everyone wants to hear it — we can all relate to the tales of how people get started in the industry, have their big successes, and deal with the occasional failures, only to move on to new and exciting things. And when talking to some of the most well-known, influential thought-leaders in our community, those stories are all the more interesting and inspiring.

So we’re interviewing twenty designers, developers, and entrepreneurs from the web / tech industries who you may have heard of: people like Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Kevin Rose, Brendan Dawes, Mandy Brown, Ian Coyle, Sarah Parmenter, Jim Coudal, Ethan Marcotte, Tim Van Damme, Simon Collison, Trent Walton, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and more we’ve yet to announce.

And we’re releasing those interviews as a book.

Not just any old book, though. This is where it gets really exciting. I’ve learned a lot from doing 8 Faces for the last two years and I’ve never been more passionate about creating a physical artefact. Insites: The Book will be truly special. In terms of production values, think 8 Faces on acid. We have some really exciting printing and packaging techniques lined up and, like 8 Faces, the print run will be extremely limited.

The book is shaping up nicely. We’ve completed over half of the interviews at the time of writing and we’re aiming for an April release. I’ll be blogging about the process throughout early 2012 for sure, but to be the first to hear of anything at all, please feel free to sign up to the mailing list and follow @insitesbook on Twitter.

It will be an honour to have you guys along for this next amazing ride!