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A preview of Codex: the journal of typography

Article illustration for A preview of Codex: the journal of typography

[UPDATE: John has very kindly given me an exclusive preview of issue one’s cover, which you can see above!]

Many of you will have heard of Codex: the journal of typography, the forthcoming publication from iLT’s John Boardley, and the good news is that pre-orders for #1 are opening later today. This thing is going to sell like hot cakes.

I was humbled when John asked me to write an article for the debut issue — a detailed account of the design decisions that went into the production of 8 Faces and my personal journey from web to print — and, as such, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing part of the magazine’s creation and the pleasure of working with the first-class editorial team of John, old friend Cary Wood, and 8 Faces contributor Allen Tan.

By the way, the line-up is incredible. Whose names spring to mind when you say the word ‘typography’? People like Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz, Paul Barnes, Craig Mod, and Stephen Coles? Well, they’re in there, and with a whole load more, too.

In advance of pre-orders opening later today, here are some previews to whet your appetite:

Preview of Codex #1

Preview of Codex #1

Preview of Codex #1

Mark Boulton has also shared a sneak peek.

Remember: hot cakes.

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