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A pet project in the works

Posted on 18 December 2009

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On today’s 24 Ways, there’s an article by me called ‘ A Pet project is for Life, Not Just for Christmas’. I wrote it because I think it’s healthy for all of us to have projects on the side: things we do outside of our client work or day jobs to remain sane and creatively fulfilled.

If you manage to make it as far as my bio, you’ll find the first major clue about the ‘big’ pet project I mentioned at the beginning of the article: it’s a magazine.

I’m now going to share a bit more:

- It will be a print-based magazine; not a PDF. I wanted to make something real that people would want to keep. As such, I’m not using a print-on-demand service; the whole thing is being printed lithographically on lovely, thick, uncoated stock (read: feels nice) and will be perfect bound.

- The initial run will be very limited: just 1000 hand-numbered copies (I might make a PDF version available once the hard copies have sold out).

- The first issue will be released in (or around) March 2010. The success of the debut will determine the magazine’s frequency after this.

- The subject: typography. And nothing else. Not just for the first issue, either: the entire focus of the magazine is typographically-related design (including print design, web design, and type design itself).

If you’re a Dribbble beta-tester, I’ve posted a couple of teaser images of the magazine’s logo. Can you guess the name yet?

I’ll be revealing more next week…

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