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Interviewed in Blogorola magazine & Floobe

Posted on 24 November 2008 9 comments

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When I was a nerdy teenager and dreamed of one day becoming a rock superstar, I – like most nerdy teenagers who dream of one day becoming rock superstars – whiled away hours imagining various ‘rock’ scenarios. One of those scenarios involved me getting interviewed by magazines. Something about people wanting to hear my thoughts on the world seemed extremely alluring, but it was so unlikely that I filed it away along with the rest of my teenage daydreams.

Web design’s a funny thing, however, because although my chosen vocation involves much less ROCK, it has somehow allowed me to travel the world and get interviewed on a semi-regular basis. Two interviews coincided quite recently and I thought now would be a good time to highlight them and give you some links, if you’re in need of some internet-flavoured distraction.

The first was for Blogorola magazine and took place a few weeks ago, when I was in Ljubljana, Slovenia (to speak at Spletne Urice). I was interviewed outside a very cool absinthe bar by Blogorola’s editor Simon Ručigaj, and Jernej Kelih has kindly managed to get the interview into English and publish it on Social Media Soup. Thanks Simon and Jernej… for the interview and the absinthe!

The second took place via email, which is much safer, let me tell you. Gavin Elliott interviewed me for his brand new, just-launched website Floobe, and apparently I’m the first of many interviewees. He said some very nice things about me, he asked some great questions, and he has a fantastic surname.

If you enjoy reading the interviews, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Gavin Elliott

    Gavin Elliott

    24 November 2008 @ 09:48PM #

    Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for taking part in the interview! It’s an impressive read.

    Thanks Again,


  2. Loz Lowe

    Loz Lowe

    24 November 2008 @ 09:50PM #

    I remember always reading the interviews in the Telegraph Magazine of all things, and thinking “One day, that’ll be me…”

    You’re living my dream, man!


  3. Jernej


    24 November 2008 @ 10:16PM #

    thank you for cooperating!

  4. Neil


    25 November 2008 @ 02:49AM #

    Treating speaking gigs like free mini-holidays sounds like the way to go; I got a little bit jealous at that point (in the Floobes article, which was great). Regarding favorite Mac apps – TextMate is the bees knees – good choice. I use it for anything & everything, even Xmas shopping lists.

  5. Grant


    25 November 2008 @ 06:48AM #

    Great interviews. And thanks for the tip on Miguel Ripoll. I’d never heard of his work before. Excellent as well.

  6. rama


    25 November 2008 @ 11:37AM #

    yet another great insights on web-design by Elliot Jay Stocks.
    Thanks for the share Elliot.

  7. barry


    25 November 2008 @ 08:25PM #

    A great insight, cheers Elliot.

  8. Elliot Jay Stocks

    Elliot Jay Stocks

    25 November 2008 @ 08:50PM #

    Thanks guys – I’m glad you enjoyed them! :)

  9. Marta L.

    Marta L.

    05 December 2008 @ 04:25AM #

    Elliot, finally visited your wonderful site after a long time, and said to myself Marta, you are AGAIN late 14 days to say thanks for all the credits to Elliot, – but it is never too late! ;) So, thanks! It’s been my pleasure all the way!

    Hehe, I didn’t know it was your FIRST. And now I’m really proud! Becouse, you know what they say about first timers …you never forget it! :) I will never forget it neither! Rock on!!!

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