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Ideas of March 2.0

Posted on 15 March 2012 4 comments

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Wow, has it really been a year? Twelve whole months since Chris wrote that fateful blog post that got me back into blogging? It looks like it, as he’s blogged about this year’s Ideas of March and asked a whole bunch of us to join in once again.

I’m extremely grateful for the kick-up-the-bum Chris gave me last year. It reignited my passion for blogging and I’m proud to say that I kept it up. In fact, looking back over the last twelve months’ posts shows that there are a whopping 48 of them (including this one). That’s an average of just under one a week.

Chris asked that we blog about blogging, so I’d like to briefly talk about two things specifically:

That’s all from me. Chris Cornutt is keeping a list of this year’s posts. Viva la blogolucion!


  1. Daniel Howells

    Daniel Howells

    16 March 2012 @ 11:31AM #

    I’m honoured Elliot, I really am – thanks!

  2. Elke Hinze

    Elke Hinze

    16 March 2012 @ 03:19PM #

    I have just recently started blogging on a regular basis. I first wrote up a list of topics that I’d like to discuss on my blog and then broke them up into segments so that it doesn’t turn into one long blog. So far it’s been working for me, although I don’t always post on a weekly basis. I think the key to good blogging is to make quality posts and not necessarily just dump something out every week because that is your goal.

  3. Chris Shiflett

    Chris Shiflett

    18 March 2012 @ 05:25PM #

    I love reading your blog and am proud to have been the one to give you a kick. :-)

    Also, thanks for the reminder to subscribe to Daniel’s blog.

    Another loyal reader,


  4. Chris Da Sie

    Chris Da Sie

    19 March 2012 @ 05:41PM #

    It’s been a great year of blog posts from you and the others you mentioned. I’ve really been enjoying them. I’m glad to see people shifting back towards the blog rather than just the microblog situation we were heading towards. Keep it up! Can’t to read what you have to say over the next year.

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